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Re: Usermode commit broke i386 build

Hi Reinoud,

Thank you for your quick response.

You wrote:
> Its weird that this comes up since i build tested it for amd64 (native) and
> i386 (cross om amd64) with success here on NetBSD 6.0_BETA2.

I see that it is also failing on my own testbed which is running the
same scripts as the TNF one, but not on Paul Goyette's, which is 
running a different set of scripts.

> I'll comment out the i386 and amd64 usermode kernel builds for now so
> not to frustrate others but i have no idea why this happends... What
> is different for the autobuild system that it fails where as it here
> crossbuilds fine with

I don't know.  To help narrow down the possible differences, the
autobuild system is running 5.1_STABLE, and invokes like
this, in a freshly checked out source tree (from a date-based
CVS checkout from anoncvs):

  time ./ -j 8 -D /tmp/bracket/build/2012. 
-R /bracket/amd64/test/2012. -T 
/tmp/bracket/build/2012. -O 
/tmp/bracket/build/2012. -m amd64 -V TMPDIR=/tmp -U 
release iso-image

Andreas Gustafsson,

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