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Re: CVS commit: src

On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 06:51:37PM +0000, Martin Husemann wrote:
 > Modified Files:
 >      src/distrib/sets/lists/xbase: mi
 >      src/external/mit/xorg/bin/xdm/config: Makefile
 > Added Files:
 >      src/external/mit/xorg/bin/xdm/config: NetBSD-flag.png NetBSD-flag1.xpm
 >          NetBSD-flag2.xpm Xresources.cpp
 > Log Message:
 > The NetBSD logo, when rendered with a binary transparency mask like we
 > used to do it for the xdm greeter, looks extremely ugly.
 > Unfortunately xdm has no means to load and mix alpha channel images,
 > so provide a png file and precomputed xpms with proper background colour
 > for the greeter.
 > If users change their greeter resources and change the background, they will
 > have to regenerate that xpm file, provide proper instructions for this.
 > While there, use less clunky fonts (hi Jared!).
 > XXX the fonts are not exactly perfect, if anyone feels like fine tuning
 > this further, please be my guest.

How hard would it be to teach xdm alpha blending?

David A. Holland

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