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Re: CVS commit: src/tests/lib/libc/gen (address alignment)

Le 21/04/12 19:47, Christoph Egger a écrit :
>> rip 0x0 and rsp 0x50202 look really abnormal to me. I'll have a look in
>> FreeBSD, that's probably a group of exceptions that have to be handled
>> differently.
> rip 0x0 often means that a function pointer has been called which is NULL.
> Christoph

Yep, but the bug seems to be a displaced stack here; the information is pushed correctly, but with an offset. Looking at FreeBSD interrupt code, some exceptions have the tf_err value already pushed by the CPU, so no need to do it twice.

I have sent a small patch to Paul for testing, it fixes the bug in my VM. Hope that this fixes the bug natively too.


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