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re: CVS commit: src

> NAKAJIMA Yoshihiro <> wrote:
> > > Um, what should be done in distribs/sets/lists?
> > > Would s/ eveywhere be enough?
> > I think so.
> One last concern: extended API set 2 support is not yet complete.
> Shouldn't we bump for once when it is done, instead of bumping for each
> system call added?

the minor number should be bumped any time a symbol is added to a

the major number should be bumped any time a symbols is removed
from or an ABI changed in a library.

this is pretty much all there is to the rules, and they're not
limited by other implementation issues.  ie, each time you commit
a new function bump the minor.

hope this helps.


ps. don't forgot to look at the sparc64/amd64/mips64 compat libs
when bumping shlib versions.

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