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Re: CVS commit: src/tests/syscall

On May 21, 10:31pm, (Julio Merino) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: CVS commit: src/tests/syscall

| Sounds like a good idea.  Note that there is *many* more things that
| will not work.  The test case will dump garbage in the current directory
| and it won't be cleaned, the environment won't be sanitized, child
| processes won't be killed...

It could mention all of them.

| > Also it would be nice if programs
| > when invoked with -l or something they would list all their tests, and if
| That already works :-)  The output format is oooogly though

Yes, perhaps use a different flag to just list the names.

| > invoked with -a they would run all the tests.
| Tests used to do exactly that more than a year ago, but it turned out to
| be a bad idea...
| The test programs were extremely complex: they had to implement all the
| test case isolation (work directory, timeouts, etc.) themselves, and
| that meant having to implement the same thing in C, C++ and shell.

I don't see why. You just put it all in a shared library written in c and
used from c++. Shell you have already.

| Also, and this is what bugged most people: debugging the test cases was
| almost impossible due to all the black magic that was involved in them.
|  The test cases would delete temporary files on failure and gdb was
| unusable.

You can have a flag to disable the setup/cleanup.

| As a result, I moved all the isolation logic into atf-run and turned the
| test programs into a 'dumb' frontend for the test cases.  Test programs
| now don't do much more than just running test case bodies and exposing a
| consistent interface, so they really should not be used directly unless
| you need to debug a particular test case.  Oh, and the whole system
| works much, much faster ;-P

Well, I've never ran atf-run :-) and I've ran individual tests multiple times.


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