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Re: CVS commit: src/crypto/external/bsd/libsaslc/dist

In article <>,
Alistair G. Crooks <> wrote:
>Module Name:   src
>Committed By:  agc
>Date:          Sat Jan 29 23:35:31 UTC 2011
>Modified Files:
>       src/crypto/external/bsd/libsaslc/dist: index.html soc.html style.css
>       src/crypto/external/bsd/libsaslc/dist/doc: library.txt
>       src/crypto/external/bsd/libsaslc/dist/include: saslc.h
>       src/crypto/external/bsd/libsaslc/dist/man: libsaslc.3
>       src/crypto/external/bsd/libsaslc/dist/src: Makefile Makefile.bsd
>           crypto.c crypto.h dict.c dict.h error.c error.h mech.c mech.h
>           mech_anonymous.c mech_crammd5.c mech_digestmd5.c mech_external.c
>           mech_gssapi.c mech_login.c mech_plain.c parser.c parser.h saslc.c
>           saslc_private.h xsess.c
>       src/crypto/external/bsd/libsaslc/dist/test: Atffile Makefile
>           example_client.c t_crypto.c t_dict.c t_error.c t_parser.c t_saslc.c
>           t_session.c

Anon Ymous has been working on SASLC and at this point he has working postfix
integration with both MD5 and GSSAPI. I am going to try to sync so that we
don't have duplicated work.


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