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Re: CVS commit: src

On Jan 28, 2011, at 3:25 PM, matthew green wrote:

>>> to the PowerPC Virtex that lives in arch/evbppc/virtex.
>> BTW evbppc has 405 vs oea issue in module.
>> evb* method is used for boards/appliances that have
>> less man power and few variants, I think.
> one problem i have with the current way we do this is that we
> end up compiling userland multiple times for no good reason.
> i don't know exactly what a better method would be, but maybe
> using something similar to sparc port including the SUN4U
> kernel (which is built from sources in arch/sparc64) so we can
> keep kernel stuff separate, regardless of where the sources
> are kept, but leave userland shared.

I firmly believe that /usr/include/machine should point to 
<arch> (e.g. mips) instead of <port> (e.g. pmax).  If you are
building specific programs to a port, then you should use
something <pmax/foo.h>.

This would go a long way to have a common userland per arch.

Things like disklabel.h need to special cased (I'd probably
use an array with port/labelsector/labeloffset) that disklabel
could search for the right value.

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