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Re: /var/lock

On Jan,Monday 3 2011, at 4:08 PM, Alan Barrett wrote:

> On Mon, 03 Jan 2011, Adam Hamsik wrote:
>>>>> Log Message:
>>>>> Add /var/lock directory to base set it's used by LVM and other tools.
>>>>> Change group owner to operator to enable LVM locking for him.
>>>> Why is /var/run not the right place for your needs?
>>> Also, where was this discussed?  If it was discussed, please
>>> update hier(7) according to the outcome of the discussion.
>> It wasn't discussed, but there were couple of changes to dm driver    
>> not done by me which weren't discussed either. Main reason for them   
>> was to allow operator to see lvm devices status this was last change  
>> needed. I can change it to /var/run would be /var/run/locks/ better   
>> place for it ?                                                        
> If the locks do not need to persist across reboot, then somewhere under
> /var/run would probably be appropriate.  If they are specific to lvm,
> then /var/run/lvm would probably be appropriate.  Anything else (such as
> /var/lock or /var/run/lock) probably needs more discussion.

I would like to have something persistent between reboots. I have found 
that we already have /var/spool/lock. Therefore /var/spool/lock/lvm/ 
seems to be might preferred place. Do you agree ? Also /var/spool/lock 
is not mentioned in hier.



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