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Re: CVS commit: [matt-nb5-mips64] src/sys/arch/mips

On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 06:13:37AM +0000, Matt Thomas wrote:
> Log Message:
> Rework how fixups are processed.  Inside of generating a table, we just
> scan kernel text for jumps to locations between (__stub_start, __stub_end]
> and if found, we actually decode the instructions in the stub to find out
> where the stub would eventually jump to and then patch the original jump
> to jump directly to it bypassing the stub.  This is slightly slower than
> the previous method but it's a simplier and new stubs get automagically
> handled.

Isn't this a bit dangerous if anything other than code ends up in the
kernel text ?


David Laight:

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