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re: CVS commit: src/tools/compat/sys

   >    toolchain buildfix on OSX with MKDTRACE=yes:
   >    The host <sys/time.h> doesn't provide CLOCK_REALTIME but
   >    ctf uses it.
   >    See
   > this seems bogus to me.
   > please only define it if it isn't defined, at least.
   I tried the other way around before I posted the my fix
   to the list:
   #include_next <sys/time.h>
   #define CLOCK_REALTIME 0
   But this failed the same way: CLOCK_REALTIME undeclared.

hmmm, could you post the error?  thanks.
   Note, ctf uses CLOCK_REALTIME in the same header where it
   includes sys/time.h.

BTW, i'm not sure that using #include_next is OK (it's gcc
specific) and i don't see it used elsewhere in a quick look.

   >    No comments.
   > try posting to the right mailing list.  tech-toolchain would
   > be the right list for this sort of change.
   Thanks for the hint.


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