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Re: CVS commit: src/usr.bin/config

> Log Message:
> Introduce experimental support for ioconf-only configuration files.
> This is done by giving the "ioconf" keyword in the config file.
> As a result, config produces only ioconf.c and locators.h.  Currently,
> only "monolithic" configurations with the device path starting from
> root are supported.  Eventually, the goal is to support a local
> root in the input file from any point along the device tree using
> files.* in our kernel tree.  This will make autogenerating the
> config glue for device modules possible instead of having to write
> it by hand like is currently required (yes, it sounds simple to
> implement, but ...).
> reviewed by cube.
> (the next part will demand major discussions with you, so prepare ;)

What's the next step?

I'm considering to move cfdata[] and *_iattrdata to each driver's *.c.  Maybe
split ioconf.c (like ioconf_cfdriver_decl_audio.c) and #include it from *.c
(audio.c).  In the long run, the "template" part is always statically generated.
Direct configuration / user configuration parts are read from / at run-time.


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