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Re: CVS commit: src/external/bsd/liblzf/dist

On Feb,Wednesday 3 2010, at 6:44 AM, Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 03, 2010 at 04:04:22PM +1100, matthew green wrote:
>>   Update of /cvsroot/src/external/bsd/liblzf/dist
>>   In directory
>>   Log Message:
>>   Import liblzf version 3.5 (2-clause BSD licensed by Marc Lehmann)
>> what's liblzf, and why do we want it in base?
> It's a tiny, very very fast compression library.  Christos wants it
> for bootblocks, among other things (or so he says -- ask him).
> The other obvious choice would be LZO but there's no suitably-licensed
> implementation which performs well.
> We've had it in our tree at Coyote Point for a long time for a completely
> different purpose, so I just grabbed it across.  As time permits, I will
> plug it into things like ssh, libarchive, and ipcomp.

Where was this change discussed ? Why were are importing sourcecode without any 
users in base system(look at Lua case). If time permits is quite vague, if you 
will not have a time who will plug this lib to base ?



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