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Re: CVS commit: [matt-nb5-mips64] src/sys/arch/mips

On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 11:49:31PM +0000, Matt Thomas wrote:
 > Change MIPS_CURLWP from s7 to t8.  In a MALTA64 kernel, s6 is used
 > 9155 times which means the compiler could really use s7 is was free
 > to do so.  The least used temporary was t8 (288 times).  Once the
 > kernel was switched to use t8 for MIPS_CURLWP, s7 was used 7524
 > times.

Huh. That surprises me slightly. Good to know though.

Remember to bump the kernel version when you merge the branch, or
anyone using modules will get a nasty surprise :-)

 > [For some reason, pre-change t1 was never used and post change t2 was never
 > used.  Not sure why.]

gcc does not seem to be very deterministic about this kind of thing.

David A. Holland

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