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Re: CVS commit: src

> I know all that, but you are not answering the question. What is broken
> right now and what are you trying to fix? There is no struct winsize
> anymore in roken.h...


 * Isn't it better to have no changes against src/crypto/dist other
   than including nbtools_config.h just for dumb two host tools?
 * It is not a good idea to edit a generated and expoterd file, either.
   You removed asnprintf() and vasnprintf() from roken.h
   but not, for example.
 * src/tools/compat/configure doesn't check all header files
   referred in src/include/heimdal/roken.h, and the roken.h
   doesn't have HAVE_FOO_H checks.
   Some OS might still fail in asn1_compile and compile_et.
 * There might also be more function decls that don't match for
   ones in some OS like asnprintf().
 * get_windows_size() is an exported function in /usr/lib/
   and src/include/heimdal/roken.h is also installed as <krb5/roken.h>.
   You might have to bump major if you changed an ABI, strictly.

If you don't think these could be called broken,
I'm just a paranoia and will shut up.
Izumi Tsutsui

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