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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/kern

David Young <> wrote:
> Previously, the code distinguished garbage collection, locking
> acquisition, and resource-reclamation from each other by using
> more, and more meaningful, subroutine names.  Also, in the common
> case, it collected and reclaimed garbage immediately at the end of
> config_detach(9) instead of at some arbitrary time in the future (for
> example, in the next call to device_lookup()).
> Your change obfuscates the code and needlessly postpones a lot of
> garbage collection.  Please back it out.

Your code had local a list of devices to G/C - it is redundant.  Having
resource freeing/destroying tied with last unlock operation will make sure
that it wont be done with locks held - that is a common way.  Perhaps
names "lock/unlock" confuse you?  It can be "enter/exit" or similar.

Can you explain "arbitrary time in the future" and "needlessly postpones"?
It does not change the previous behaviour.


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