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Re: CVS commit: src/sys

David Young <> wrote:
> > - Can you tell what relevant code requires alldevs_mtx to be at IPL_HIGH?
> > 

This question is still standing.

> > - You have added config_collect_garbage(), which is mostly called before
> >   config_alldevs_lock().  How about changing it to be used as/with last
> >   unlock?  That is, collect the objects into a list, release the lock and
> >   then destroy all objects.  Apart from avoiding unecessary unlock/relock
> >   dances, it would also be simpler.
> Thank you for the suggestion.  To make the change is easy.  I have
> attached a patch.

Generally looks good.

- Is there a reason why config_collect_garbage() is done just after the lock,
  instead of before/with unlock?  If not, those three routines could be a
  single one (think of config_alldevs_enter/exit).

- Are some routines called from interrupt context (thus GC is skipped there)?
  Would be good to add a comment by routine description then.


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