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Re: CVS commit: src/share/mk

In article <>,
matthew green  <> wrote:
>   Module Name:        src
>   Committed By:       uebayasi
>   Date:               Fri Dec 11 08:37:34 UTC 2009
>   Modified Files:
>       src/share/mk:
>   Log Message:
>   ${GENCMD} is used to generate only one output from file generation commands
>   which potentially have multiple output files, which confuses make(1).
>   This wrapper copies all involved files into /tmp, execute the command, and
>   copy the wanted file back to ${.OBJDIR}.  If this is expensive, consider to
>   rewrite the generation command to output files individually.
>this seems pretty gross.  i'm not sure it's a good way to
>solve the problem at hand.  it hides everything away with
>@.  it also doesn't appear to avoid updating a file if it
>hasn't actually changed.  it also hard codes /tmp, which
>it shouldn't need to use at all.  it also uses "cp"
>instead of "mv".
>did anyone review this?

I think this should be backed out; there must be better ways of dealing
with the problem.


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