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Re: CVS commit: src


> Hello,
> (YAMAMOTO Takashi) wrote:
>> hi,
>> doesn't it leak a page for x86 redzone?
> Not sure what do you mean by leak.  The first page is unmapped and uarea
> layout in x86 has not changed (yet).  Probably I am missing something?

the page in question used to be hanged on the kernel aobj.
now you made it wired and there's no way to reach it once unmapped.


> While looking at the code.. it seems that KSTACK_LOWEST_ADDR() definitions
> in x86 are pointing to the redzone, which breaks KSTACK_CHECK_MAGIC.  It was
> wrong before my change, though.
>> > Module Name:       src
>> > Committed By:      rmind
>> > Date:              Wed Oct 21 21:12:07 UTC 2009
> -- 
> Mindaugas

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