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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/dev/sbus

>    sbus_establish() should take device_t self for the device itself,
>    not device_t parent even if sbus is grandparent of the device,
>    otherwise (*sd_reset)() callbacks will be called with an wrong device_t.
>    Even in such case, sbus_establish() looks for an sbus though device tree.
>    XXX: (*sd_reset)() isn't called anyway, and these stuff seems really bogus.

> i think you're right.  can you just delete all this sbusreset() code?

I wonder why sbus_establish() and struct sbus_dev were implemented.

I guess we can remove sbusreset() and (*sd_reset)() stuff safely,
but other members in struct sbusdev are used only in
sbus/if_le.c to see unattached lebuffer (I don't think it worked
as expected due to the bug mentioned in the log, though), so
it might be better to remove whole sbus_establish() stuff if possible.

Anyway, I'll leave them for now since they are harmless.
Izumi Tsutsui

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