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Re: CVS commit: src (getdelim.c:1.1)

On Tuesday 2009-07-14 11:50 +1000, matthew green output:
:   -           newlen = off + len + 1;
:               /* Ensure that the resultant buffer length fits in ssize_t */
:   -           if (newlen > (size_t)SSIZE_MAX + 1) {
:   +           if (off + len + 1 > (unsigned int)SSIZE_MAX) {

:unsigned int will truncate this on 64 bit platforms, won't it?
:can't the cast just be removed?

I guess so.  I don't remember how the compiler chooses the comparison
for this.  "off", "len" and "SSIZE_MAX" are all ``ssize_t''.  I would
have thought you needed to expand one of them at least (even if, as you
say, ``unsigned int'' is the wrong choice here) to get a correct
comparison generated but I guess my C skills are a bit rusty.


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