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Fwd: [announce] FreeBSD Ports & Docs Bugathon

If this works, we'll look at doing a pkgsrc one at some point.



This Saturday we're sponsoring a FreeBSD Bugathon along with the Bay
Area FreeBSD User Group in California.

Saturday, July 28
Suspenders Restaurant backroom
2-6 PM EST, 11-3 PM PST

It's a great opportunity to mingle and coordinate with FreeBSD
developers locally and beyond.

A basic outline includes:

o Docs updating and validation
  a. What does the other bsd's say
  b. is it it accurate
  c. Improvements
  d. New docs / examples

o Porting help for creating new ports

o Ports bug busting
  a. Confirming pr's
  b. fixes to open pr's
  c. Testing various  config options ie can I set var=yes in make.conf
and get useful results

We'll also be on efnet #nycbug for coordinating beyond NYC.
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