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Notes from last night meeting

luaposix vs luaunix
Inferno Network Operating System - Tomorrow's Full Service OS-available
Google employees resigning over Google's involvement with military projects
Google removes "don't be evil" from CoC
unable to enable dtrace on macos because of corporate policy
Times are changing (Dmesg -t in NetBSD)
Colour mode on OpenRC
What happened to Cyrix processors
8080 reversing
Theoretical Haskell
9p in nix
Looking for early releases of Plan 9
Tracking things when the lines of memory & storage are blurred
noexec shortcomings
exec() -> XIP (execute in place) -> mount noexec -> persistent memory
AS/400 Machine-Level Programming
"The truth will make you fret" - Terry Pratchett
Hacker rank Haskell
Microsoft heads up on CVE-2018-8897
Wrestling a Yubikey as ugen or uhid device if you want to use it with
pcscd on NetBSD
history of kauth(9) in NetBSD and sandboxing in Darwin
NetBSD folks working on other projects
signature, verification, encryption and decryption of memory in libnetpgp(3)
bitrig on scaleway arm servers
terrible support, solely interested in turning away customers
Linux BUG_ON()
Patching macos feels very much like windows now, has the windowsupdate
team switched sides?
Nokia Bell Labs
Sense of dread from unexpected firmware reflash with macos update
Handling spam on the FreeBSD cluster
FreeBSD devsummit at BSDCan
ex-Plan 9 & Bell Labs folks now on OpenBSD
plan9 category in OpenBSD ports & pkgsrc
More ideas on Lua bindings for kernel subsystems
Keeping it mediocre

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