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BCS/OSHUG meeting on open source funding: 17 May 2018

Rather shorter notice than usual, but we have the final speaker
confirmed for this week's meeting of the BCS OSSG to which all OSHUG
members are invited. We have three speakers looking at how to fund
open source projects and businesses.

This is a joint meeting with BCS Entrepreneurs, BCS Young
Professionals Group, BCS Women and OSHUG.

Full details here:

Each talk will last 30 minutes and include plenty of time for
questions. I look forward to seeing you there.

Talk 1: Thinking differently: new approaches to funding the
development of open source conservation technologies

Alasdair Davies

An active conservationist and technologist all his working life,
Alasdair Davies is combining his two passions with a third – openness
– to bring affordable, customizable technology to the field through
the Arribada Initiative. As a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow, he is
designing, developing and producing open source conservation
technologies in partnership with leading wildlife charities such as
WWF and the Zoological Society of London, employing open approaches
and licences to drive down costs by introducing new community-based
funding models.

Talk 2: Funding open – tactics and stories from civic tech

Irina Bolychevsky

Irina is passionate about products and using technology to make things
better. She spent many years working on open data at Open Knowledge as
one of the directors and ckan product owner, at web startups, and most
recently as a data consultant for W3C, the Open Data Institute and the
UK, Dubai and UAE governments. She co-founded—a
project to promote and bring together people working on and interested
in decentralised digital technologies.

Talk 3: Other ways of funding open source

Ben Nickolls

Ben Nickolls is a software developer turned product manager building a
sustainable source of funding for open source maintainers at Tidelift.
He is an advisor to The Centre for Cultivation of Technology, The Ford
Foundation, The Sloan Foundation and helps organise the annual open
source sustainability conference and the Core Internet
Infrastructure working group. In his spare times he rides bikes,
designs boardgames and walks his dog.

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