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Notes from last nights meeting

GPD Pocket/PSION 5/Toshiba Libretto
Mac SE/30 running NetBSD as a router
Creative use of the one user controlled GPIO pin on a PI to blink an LED
Bringing up more Lua modules in NetBSD
Maxime Villard's security audit
Status of fixes from Ilja van Sprundel's audit in the BSDs
Palemoon branding
C++ drama - toolchain upgrades defaulting to C++11
Fallout from clang 6 & GCC 6 in FreeBSD & NetBSD
Regression in difficulty of Rogue
Ethics in IT and a frequent call to reject work and organisations
Anything more soulless in tech than working for a defence contractor?
"**** BAE"
"my favourite game is fortune(1)"
Revisiting the work to add G5 support to NetBSD/macppc to fish out PCI-X
NetBSD/acorn26 is gone
Talos II manual
Hardware vendors at FOSDEM (Talos? Turris...)
Running PostgreSQL on a VAX talk from FOSDEM 2016
Budget SuperH hardware
SH-5 history in NetBSD
Adding a serial port to your SuperH based appliance
Frankenstein PowerBook fished out from a recycling bin and the cost of
replacement parts to bring it back to shape (a £1 for a screw?)
Avoiding the use of the of the word infinite in product titles to
 avoid difficulties with naming subsequent models e.g. Infinite Reality
FreeBSD/ports/games has some interesting games
Supporting a traditional CISC architecture (VAX) in GCC in a RISC world
How to write your own NIC device driver (and why) Our experience writing
10G/100G drivers for Snabb in Lua (without NDAs)
Mellanox Adapter Programmer's Reference Manual
State of dotnetclr, is it possible to run any closed source applications

Not discussed last night but, A Declaration of the Independence of
Cyberspace by John Perry Barlow


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