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Notes from last nights meeting

Ruslan's RISC-V talk
Hetzner's quality of hardware
MCA as a potential alternative to PCI-E as a cheaper licensed bus for RISC-V
ZFS woes back in the day (broken upgrades in FreeBSD 8, bootloader size
Ryzen ECC support (ASRock a safe bet)
FreeBSD drm-next (hdmi support demonstrated working by Ruslan)
Western Digital to switch to using RISC-V
Unix Internals: The New frontiers
Kirk McKusick's video courses
Smoking Perl (1.5 days on a G4 macmini to run 4 build runs on bleeding
edge perl)
HP 3000 hardware
UnicOS features
Soldiers of fortune(1) and the crusade for the land on the upper hand
Software craftsmen
Robert Martin - "What killed Smalltalk could kill Ruby, too"
ESR and the projects he maintains
Adding a Itanium to the hardware collection in 2017

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