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Notes from yesterdays meeting

ipv6 sage t-shirts
pkgsrcCon demo session sorted
strings in C++
9+ hour bootstrap time for Rust on Illumos via pkgsrc bulkbuild
Telegram cipher choices
building silos with centralised services on a decentralised network
mastodon social network
Cultural differences between between technical communities who try to
understand the strengths and weaknesses of their tools vs those that
look to replace / rewrite at earliest opportunity (hello docker)
the fight for pid one on a system which does PID randomisation
how does performing postmortem debugging on a systems with KASLR work?
Fun remote mounting media via supermicro ipmi interface
Ravenports is a new approach to packaging not based on make
Fallout from latest Perl update in pkgsrc
kauth subsystem in NetBSD
distributed filesystems like AFS & Gluster
Upspin Project
Rob Pike presenting Upspin
SolarisStudio on Linux
C++11 issues with SolarisStudio 12.4 see
Encumbered true
Need for accelerometer support on tablet/laptop hybrids to set screen
orientation correctly
switch to shell based true in NetBSD
Smoke testing of all base utilities FreeBSD gsoc project
veriexec always reports an error even completing successfully and
becoming active
TrustedBSD file system firewall
SSD garbage collection & copy of on write file systems
FreeBSD TRIM support in ZFS moving upstream to OpenZFS??
LFS - the reference COW filesystem??
NetAPP WAFLs - tasty and expensive
Contentious project members who are unable to accept constructive feedback
Opioid epidemics
iptables loving
pkgsrcCon - a romantic weekend everyone
The person in the middle of systemd & docker
clumsy & poorly implemented tools harbour bad habits e.g outlook users &
vi bindings in visualstudio
Debian's reproducible builds project
Decent laptop support in OpenBSD
ACPI behaviour of Apple hardware between operating systems which report
themselves as Darwin or other (Windows?)
history of navigation via HJKL keys
Issues with larger numbers with -j
More lua modules planned for NetBSD base

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