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Notes from yesterdays meeting

New release of netpgp is out
Soulcalibur on Super Nintendo
Mini NES withdrawn from sale, Mini Super Nintendo in the pipeline
cross compiling ghc for netbsd arm
C++11 conference
mandoc -Tlint
igor - Automated proofreader for docs (US English)
Sharp Zaurus
Generation of early Windows CE powered hardware: MIPS -> SuperH -> ARM
Simtec Electronics StrongARM 110 Evaluation Board
NetBSD/OpenBSD cats
Trying to run Embedded Visual C++ 3.0 on Windows 2000 to compile NetBSD
bootloader for WindowsCE
It's really difficult to try and access the web on a legacy Windows
release, It's no longer possible to download IE6, No Firefox, No windows
update site.
Icon/graphics editor in Embedded Visual C++ 3.0 is a grid canvas which
you colour the dots in
Someone used that to label the tabs of the NetBSD bootloader dot by do
to spell kernel, options, loader
veriexec still supports MD5 & SHA1
Does rsync still support MD4/MD5?
Trying to drive 2 30" displays on FreeBSD without resporting to nvidia
Perils of mixing C++ compilers
There's around 200 packages in pkgsrc which need C++11, building those
alongside packages in legacy C++
The seduction of golang
import boost-serialise for a quick break during builds, provides
sufficient time to read the filesystem man page on Solaris
300+ line comments in codebase
Vint Cerf was customer #2 of Netscape Enterprise
Trying to build rumprun with up to date src from NetBSD-HEAD rather than
the stale copy in git repo. (7.99.70 vs 7.99.33)
Drunken unit tests
pkgsrcCon 2017 in London sometime this Summer
ABI instability in OpenBSD (benefits and pains)
Ubikey U2F firefox extension
Pain of VDI compared to Sun Ray thin clients
Requiring a display capable of Sync-On-Green for a NeXTStation Turbo
Color and many other legacy workstations
OpenSSL is impenetrable (for reading / comprehension)
Booting NetBSD/hpcarm on a HP Jornada 720
Microsoft finally added C99 support to VisualStudio because of C++11
clang on Windows
Lack of support for Illumos in GCC 6 yet
EFI on OpenBSD/arm*
The OpenSSL rampage has quietend down
Trying to avoid stale entries in ~/.ssh/known_hosts without compromising
on security (by ignore things for example)
C++ header issues & build times impact
"Typing the technical interview"
OpenBMC support for Asus KGPE-D16 motherboard
Illumos port to DEC Alpha & armv8 via Peter Tribble's Tribblix
ZFS, the gift to all sysadmins from Sun
Separating the Suites & Beards at conferences
London OpenSolaris User Group back in the day
Text based games on small handhelds
D lang from Facebook
GCC C++ ABI support / breakages across different major releases
Extending compiler support in pkgsrc for C++11

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