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Re: [Ukfreebsd] proposed *BSD meet in London, late June

This turned out to be a very warm evening as advertised and much
beer was consumed in the pursuit of happiness, but we seemed to
have failed to lure the Cambridge crowd down after all.

Look forward to another meeting in late July, and I'll be
attempting to arrange a venue for a technical presentation
for that meeting as we've had both Owain Ainsworth and James
O'Gorman volunteer to do presentations.


On 11 Jun 2010, at 14:01, Mark Blackman wrote:

> Hi,
> Following the very well-attended May *BSD meet, I'm proposing that
> we meet again on Wed, June 23, 7pm at
> The Skinner's Arms near Kings Cross station.
> This location has been chosen for proximity to Kings Cross to lure
> the not inconsiderable number of Cambridge-based BSD users
> down to London on a (presumably) nice summer's evening.
> This is just a social meeting, but it might be an idea to try
> a technical meeting in July, but we'd be looking for volunteers
> for that.
> Cheers,
> Mark
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