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Re: Reminder: Cambridge meeting 18.07.08

On Wed, 16 Jul 2008, Silke Scheler wrote:
this is a reminder that we had agreed on meeting this friday (18.07.08)
and possibly to discuss venue options.

The new owners of the Carlton Arms still seem to find their feet and
I have to admit of not being particular taken by the food lately.

So how about the Cambridge Blue?
There is a parking lot at the beginning of Gwydir Street, which is
free after 5pm (first right after turning into the street) and I
suspect Steven might have more parking recommendations.

I was going to email something very similar :-) But with my name spelt right, of course :-P

When residents' parking stops (which may be 8pm or earlier), you can park on the pavement on Kingston St (come down Gwydir Street and turn right into Hooper St). You can also park on Lower Gwydir Street which you need to approach from the end of Norfolk Street.

There is also Pay and Display parking on St. Barnabas Road and in a few other roads thereabouts. This is free after 5 or 5.30pm is your friend here as is any form of GPS.

You can use the Citi 2 bus from town to go down Mill Road and it's all walkable from the station (so if you felt so inclined, you could park at Waterbeach station and come in by train for 2.70ukp return).


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