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Re: Meet Thursday 31st?

On Sat, Jan 26, 2008 at 08:29:54PM +0000, Chris Wareham wrote:
> If it's going to be central London rather than the usual place, then I
> can recommend Throgmorton's. It's near Liverpool St, Bank and Moorgate
> stations:
> Despite being slap bang in the middle of the City, the high finance
> crowd don't seem to know it exists and the beer selection is fantastic.
> And I'd ignore the review from last Autumn that mentions disco music and
> acquisition by a chain, as it was still the same as it's always been
> when I went seven or eight weeks ago (no music, comfy seating, etc).

Actually 'City' pubs tend to be quiet in the evenings ....


David Laight:

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