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Re: Running Windows based application in NetBSD

> I am new to this group, but not new to NetBSD.

Welcome!  regional-ca can always use a few more people. :)

If you don't mind saying, where are you?  I'm dividing my time between
Montreal and Ottawa these days; if you're in either of those and are so
inclined, I'd be up for some face time - NetBSD people tend to be
interesting people, I've found.

> Is it possible to run a Windows based application in NetBSD?

As far as I know - which actually isn't all that far; I could be wrong
here - there are only two ways to do this.  One is full hardware
emulation, such as I think qemu can do; the other, if you're on i386,
is to use wine (or something of its ilk - I've never cared enough to
find out whether it has competitors).

> [...].  However, can NetBSD run a Windows executable?  Will NetBSD
> recognize a dll file?

In general, I think these are all "no".  Again, this is all just as far
as I know, but I don't think NetBSD has any support for EXEC_WINDOWS or
COMPAT_WINDOWS or anything like it.

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