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Running Windows based application in NetBSD

Hi ...

I am new to this group, but not new to NetBSD.

Started with version 0.9 of NetBSD in 1995.  Currently have 4 different
installations of NetBSD.  Have a version of NetBSD on a partitioned hard
drive on a computer with Windows 2000.  Have another computer with a latest
version of NetBSD.  Also have NetBSD on VMWare, as well as a bootable CD of

Over the years have done some fiddl'ng and would like to "just for kicks"
fiddle again.

My question is likely a question that was asked many years ago.  If it has,
please direct me to the archive location.

Is it possible to run a Windows based application in NetBSD?  In Windows,
besides the application directory, there are dll files, etc in the Windows
directory.  I likely can change where those files go in NetBSD.  However,
can NetBSD run a Windows executable?  Will NetBSD recognize a dll file?  In
NetBSD, what file system would I need to create?  And questions could go on
and on.

My "just for kicks" project is an old version of Oracle for an old version
of Windows and have it running under NetBSD.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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