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Fwd: fyi: NetBSD XEN DOM3 4.13 Kernel does not boot

Seems that way if I want to troubleshoot. Kinda have to see where it
is getting stuck, right?

I just inherited my daughter's pc build, it has flashy memory stick
lights and everything. It is an ryzen 5 3600 with 32 gig of ram and 1
tb ssd. I figured I and NetBSD could put it to some use. I like NetBSD
and the Xen concept. It would be great to get it working.

I think I might put in the effort to at least research it out further.

On Wed, Jan 6, 2021 at 6:19 PM Greg Troxel <gdt%lexort.com@localhost> wrote:
> flint pyrite <flintnpyrite%gmail.com@localhost> writes:
> > I am not even sure what to output here?
> >
> > I press the number of the correct boot entry. The screen quickly comes
> > up like it is doing something and then goes blank.
> >
> > After a few minutes, I press ctl+alt+del and then boot the GENERIC
> > kernel just fine. I do not see any XEN logs.
> >
> > I did some reading and found that I possibly need to debug using
> > serial. I am not set up to do that. I stopped there. I am not sure how
> > far down the road to go with this?
> If you want to figure this out, then setting up a serial console is
> indeed in order.  That takes  a machine with a serial port where you can
> reproduce the bug, and cabling to a serial port, perhaps USB, on some
> other machine.  (Or a real terminal, but most people don't have one of
> those!)

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