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Re: "route_enqueue: queue full, dropped message" blast from a 8.99.32 amd64 domU

At Fri, 10 May 2019 13:02:05 -0700, "Greg A. Woods" <woods%planix.com@localhost> wrote:
Subject: Re: "route_enqueue: queue full, dropped message" blast from a 8.99.32 amd64 domU
> During normal operation I see just over 8000/s (and with the console
> spewing there are only about 200/s more), and it all seems to add up
> since this is an 8-vcpu domU, and I have HZ=1000.  Before I rebooted I
> was seeing numbers ranging up to 25000/s.

So this happened again today.

However I didn't manage to run "systat vm" and see if there was an
interrupt storm again, and if so what device it was from.

But neither did I have to reboot.

It lasted long enough and strong enough to kill all my X11 connections,
though by the time emacs was dumping core (as it always does when it
loses touch with the X11 server), NFS was running well enough to store
the core files.

I was in the midst of trying to login on the console to investigate
further when things seemed to have returned to normal.  The console
isn't fully usable though -- I see output sent to it, but I can't seem
to send anything to the getty running on it.  I'm not yet sure if this
is a conserver, xen, or NetBSD problem.

This time there were occasional "xennet0: xennet_watchdog" messages too.

There's one other possibly related symptom -- sometimes X11 clients
running on this host seem to have trouble painting characters,
particularly "links" (but it has no trouble displaying images or
scrolling images).  Unfortunately I have not thought to check for a
slightly less voracious interrupt storm while this symptom is present,
but hopefully I will remember to do so next time it appears.  Until now
I've thought this might be some kind of problem with volumes of network
traffic interfering with the font server, though I've not observed any
truly excessive network traffic.

					Greg A. Woods <gwoods%acm.org@localhost>

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