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Re: "route_enqueue: queue full, dropped message" blast from a 8.99.32 amd64 domU

On 10/05/2019 00:40, Greg A. Woods wrote:
[Thu May 9 09:24:08 2019][ 6442662.0806318] route_enqueue: queue full, dropped message

There were thousands of identical lines, all separated by a few microseconds. No doubt this spew was the real cause of the apparent
 interrupt storm and the resulting sluggishness.


I would imagine that if an interface is interupting that much then it's constantly sending messages to route(4) to say that it's up/down and addresses are detached/tentative in a tight loop. The queueing mechanism has a fixed length and while we go out of our way to notify userland if there's an error sending these messages, we can't send this one at all so we just log it.

So it's an artifact of your interupt storm, but not the cause.


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