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Re: NetBSD/XEN FFS virtual disk/partition

On Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 05:28:51PM +0300, pierre-philipp braun wrote:
> Hello NetBSD administrators
> I would like to share a working NetBSD guest setup that allows to mount
> its FFS or even EXT2FS virtual disk/partition right from the dom0,
> possibly being GNU/Linux.  The guest has to be shut down first, of
> course.  This can be useful for maintenance of otherwise fast generation
> of guest templates.
> The former trick (FFS on xbd0a), is to enable `CONFIG_UFS_FS_WRITE` on
> the dom0 Linux kernel configuration and then mount the guest file-system
> with `mount -t ufs -o loop,ufstype=44bsd guest.ffs`.
> The latter trick (EXT2FS on xbd0d) is simply to format the virtual
> partition from the dom0 right before setting up the guest manually.
> The whole process is described here:
> http://doc.nethence.com/xen/guest-netbsd

Thanks for this, it is super helpful! 

> pierre-philipp

Chris Humphries <chris%sogubsys.com@localhost>
5223 9548 E1DE DE87 F509  1888 8141 8451 6338 DD29

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