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NetBSD/XEN FFS virtual disk/partition

Hello NetBSD administrators

I would like to share a working NetBSD guest setup that allows to mount
its FFS or even EXT2FS virtual disk/partition right from the dom0,
possibly being GNU/Linux.  The guest has to be shut down first, of
course.  This can be useful for maintenance of otherwise fast generation
of guest templates.

The former trick (FFS on xbd0a), is to enable `CONFIG_UFS_FS_WRITE` on
the dom0 Linux kernel configuration and then mount the guest file-system
with `mount -t ufs -o loop,ufstype=44bsd guest.ffs`.

The latter trick (EXT2FS on xbd0d) is simply to format the virtual
partition from the dom0 right before setting up the guest manually.

The whole process is described here:


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