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Re: Xen on Dedibox

    Date:        Wed, 01 Mar 2017 14:02:10 +0000
    From:        Gerard Lally <gerard.lally%gmail.com@localhost>
    Message-ID:  <1488376930.1753439.896805320.26F07C2A%webmail.messagingengine.com@localhost>

  | I created two small boot partitions, along with the raid array, but I
  | don't mount them from fstab.

Same here...   (I use GPT partitioning in the raid as well as on the
drives, and then some of those partitions become the disc images for
DomU's, and in those there is even more GPT partitioning...)

  | So the kernels in /boot are not the booting

You mean in / probably. /boot is a program on NetBSD

  | kernels at all; what I should have done was mount both boot partitions
  | (at /boot0 and /boot1, for example) and then copy dom0.gz and xen.gz to
  | these mounted partitions.

Yes, you need to do that for that setup.   And boot.cfg as well.

One issue I had (which I believe is now fixed, but I haven't done a new
setup in a long time - but I don't know if it is fixed in the system you're
using or not) is that there was a bug in the gpt biosboot setup - it worked
OK if you converted a bootable MBR based drive to GPT, but didn't work if
you were starting from a clean drive.

If you continue to have problems, you might want to try starting an install
using MBR partitioning (it doesn't matter if the layout is rational or not)
and let it go as far as installing the MBR and making it bootable - then
stop it (or let it finish and start again) convert the drive to GPT format,
and do everything else as instructed.


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