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installing on a VPS


I really hope that there is someone who can help me. I want to install NetBSD on a rackspace VPS. I have NetBSD running on a VPS hosted by someone else, and they use a very different system for the install and I could mount a NetBSD ISO to do the install. This worked well. However, the install on rackspace is more of a problem. I would like to create an image of the running VPS with dd and ssh. Then I would like to put the rackspace VPS in recovery mode and once again use dd to install it on /dev/xvdb (which will be /dev/xvda after switching back from recovery mode). They said on rackspace that I don't need a Xen kernel.

I would like to use the NetBSD boot loader, but the current install of Linux uses grub. What boot loader should I be using?

If dd is successful, then I should only have an 8GB root partition on rackspace, but rackspace is giving me 150GB of disk space. Is there a way to either expand the root partition, or should I create separate partitions for /var, /usr, and /home? I could then use "dump | restore" to move their contents from root to their own partitions.

Is there a better way to install on rackspace? They talk about using a VHD image. Can I convert an image created with dd into a VHD image?

Also, there is an example of using iPXE. Is this something that is supported by NetBSD?

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