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Raspberry Pi 2, nfs mount hangs after some time

#uname -a
NetBSD pinetbsd 7.0_STABLE NetBSD 7.0_STABLE (RPI2.201510250040Z) evbarm

I wanted to use pkgsrc on this device. So created an nfs share on a netbsd
laptop and mounted it on pi.

When running bootstrap, after a while the nfs mount got hung. The pkgsrc
bootstrapping job hung, there was no cpu activity seen in top, cding to
mounted directory hung.

Is there any known issue and workaround for this.

I tried following alternatives to get going with pkgsrc:

I tried mounting an NFS share from Linux, though got "RPC Program not
registered error". Not sure why.

Now I am trying using a USB stick for pkgsrc work. Not sure how advisable
a USB stick is for build purpose.


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