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Re: xen 4.5.0 packages available

On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 3:44 PM, John Nemeth <jnemeth%cue.bc.ca@localhost> wrote:
On Jan 28,  1:06pm, Miguel Clara wrote:
} On 28 January 2015 12:18:31 WET, Greg Troxel <gdt%ir.bbn.com@localhost> wrote:
} >Patrick Welche <prlw1%cam.ac.uk@localhost> writes:
} >
} >> Of course :-/ All is well over here - thanks for the application of
} >clue.
} >
} >Please let me know if the reading the HOWTO  would have caused you to
} >get this right, or if it needs updating.
} FYI: the howto mentions starting xencommons and xend
} Here:
} https://wiki.netbsd.org/tutorials/how_to_set_up_a_xen_dom0/

     That's not the HOWTO.  The HOWTO is part of the ports section:

Oops, I was looking it up on the mobile and didn't noticed I was in the tutorial page, instead of the howto, but the howto does state the same about the rc.d scripts, but it also covers different versions of Xen, the Xen source as you said bellow "Something to add to the list of things to look at (or, possibly eliminate)." 


} 8) edit /etc/rc.conf and add the following lines:
} xencommons=YES xend=YES
} Maybe it should just mention xencommons or clarify that xend is
} not needed/used in more recent version.

     Something to add to the list of things to look at (or, possibly

} Nice work on the how to in general though.
}-- End of excerpt from Miguel Clara

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