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Re: what builds and what doesn't - worse than I expected

On May 13,  3:58pm, Greg Troxel wrote:
} The HOWTO is out of date, and I wanted to make sure the right thing was
} recommended.   My take is that the right recommendation now is
}    xen: 4.1
}    dom0: NetBSD 6 stable, amd64
} except that maybe it should be 4.2.   I looked at package building

     Unless there is a very good reason to specify otherwise, I
would go with 4.2.  There were a number of positive reports about
it after I imported it.

} status for kernels and tools, with the first two columns being doing
} builds from 2014Q1 on my machines, and the second two being the official
} bulk builds.
} So I think we have a significant problem.   Part of it is that gcc 4.5
} is much fussier than 4.1, and has an internal error on some of the qemu
} stuff.  There are some other random errors.
} It would be really nice to get things working better for the next branch
} (6/15ish).  Specifically:
}   xentools41 and xentools42 building reliably
}   xen 2.0 is going to be deleted (so far no objections)
}   what about xen 3.3?  I expect people are still using it, even though
}   I'm not sure of any reasons not to move to 4.1 or 4.2.

     Since xen 3 doesn't build, it should probably just go.  I
don't know about xen 3.3.

}   any hope of PCI passthrough on 4.1/4.2?

     If somebody does the work, sure.

}   any hope of NetBSD dom0 MP?

     If somebody does the work, sure.

}   does NetBSD domU MP really work?

     Yes.  I use it.

} all builds i386 (I know amd64 should be checked/used)

     I suspect the vast majority of people using Xen do so on amd64.

} ------------------------------------------------------
}  package        netbsd-5  netbsd-6  2014Q1-5  2014Q1-6 
} ------------------------------------------------------
}  xenkernel20    X         X         X         X        
}  xenkernel3     X                    
}  xenkernel33    X         X                 
}  xenkernel41    X         X         X         X        
}  xenkernel42    X         X         X         X        
}  xentools20                      
}  xentools3      X         X                 
}  xentools3-hvm  X         X                 
}  xentools33
}  xentools41                      
}  xentools42     X                   X         X        
} ------------------------------------------------------
}-- End of excerpt from Greg Troxel

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