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Re: NetBSD at rackspace

Emmanuel Dreyfus <manu%netbsd.org@localhost> wrote:

> Next stage is having the network configured through rackspace.
> I think I will give up on that front and just write a script
> that pulls the config from xenstore-read and set it up for once.

I have written that and packaged it as pkgsrc/sysutils/xen_network 
Once installed, I just need to have this in /etc/rc.conf to have the
VMnetwork correctly setup from hypervisor data:

I have not yet committed. Is pkgsrc/sysutils/xen_network reasonable, or
anyone has an idea on a better name?

My VM is now almost generic. The only specific bits that remain are the
RSA keys to the root account, and hostname in /etc/rc.conf. The first
point is handled on rackspace by having nova-agent resetting the root
password, but I gave up on the nova-agent front.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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