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NetBSD at rackspace


I have been setting up a NetBSD image at rackspace.

Booting the image has been described here:

Next stage is having the network configured through rackspace.
The sysutils/xe-guest-utilities packages glets the domU get
its configuration from the hypervisor. Once started (xenguest=YES
in /etc/rc.conf and run /etc/rc.d/xenguest), we can do this to
read the IP address five a MAC address:
xenstore-read vm-data/networking/BC764E113A54

rackspace makes the config automatic using a toll called
nova-agent. I ported it, but I get panics. I was not able to save
the backtrace, but it involves writing on xen buf from kernfs, 
as far as I remember.

I think I will give up on that front and just write a script
that pulls the config from xenstore-read and set it up for once.
If anyone is interested into working on nova-agent, let me know, I 
can share the pkgsrc bits I have been setting up.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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