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Re: LVM and Xen given module load issue

On 02/14/2014 12:31 PM, Michael L. Hitch wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Feb 2014, Darren Spruell wrote:
>> Wanted to inquire what the recommended process is for setting up a Xen
>> host system with support for LVM (and dm kernel driver/etc.) given
>> that module loading does not function with the Xen Dom0 kernel. The
>> only option I see is to modify the kernel to include 'pseudo-device
>> dm' but I'm not clear on ability to do this in the Xen kernel.
>   I think this was added over 3 years ago, and should be present in the
> NetBSD-6 releases.

Yes, however:


Xen Dom0 kernels don't load modules (ABI differences) so the (dm) module
won't load. Also userland tools are not built by default.

Unless I've totally misunderstood things.


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