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I can not get a SLES11 SP3 domU's virtual disk to initialize

I have created SLES11 release, SP1 and SP2 domU's without issue, but I can't 
seem to
get an SP3 domU to work with my amd64 dom0 (netbsd-6 branch as of nov 30) and 
xen 4.2 (from today's pkgsrc HEAD)

but the same virtual disk image and nearly identical config works 
fine with a SLES 11 SP3 DOM0. ( xen 4.2.2 )

The disk is defined as 

netbsd: disk=['phy:/dev/mapper/vg00-x43,xvda,w']
linux: disk=[ 'phy:/dev/sdb,xvda,w'] 

and the netbsd dom0 logical volume is _active_ with an exact byte copy of the 
/dev/sdb from linux. 

On NetBSD I get the dreaded: 

> [    1.281542] xen-vbd: registered block device major 202
> [    1.281569] blkfront: xvda: flush diskcache: enabled
> [    6.380068] XENBUS: Waiting for devices to initialise: 295s...290s...

On both linux and NetBSD I'm booting the domU with pygrub, so they should both 
be using the same ramdisk and kernel, have the same modules, etc... so I'm 
assuming I shouldn't need to build a custom ramdisk, etc...?

All I can think of at this point is that there's some incompatibility that
has been introduced in SLES 11 SP3 that has created an issue with the 
block driver. I think I've ruled out all the common mistakes, so I 
can't think what else could be the issue. ( I also tried it with a file
rather than an lvm, etc... just in case )

Any help or pointers would be appreciated. If there is any data I can gather 
that would 
help, please let me know. 

Harry Waddell 

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