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new system configuration advice

I'm really grateful to contributors to this thread for the insight you
have given me into the sorts of issues that are active.   Could I
impose on your generosity with your time to ask a few slightly more
pointed questions, related I think to topics that have come up?

1. I do virtually all of my development work under NetBSD, although
often the target OS is MS Windows.   Could I reasonably expect to have
a NetBSD dom0 and a clutch of Windows domU's (each with a different
release of MS Windows), with access to some common element of disk
storage, and access to a single bit-mapped display?   Some
contributors seem to be suggesting that any bit-mapped display needs
to be provided via another machine, others not.   My aim is to
eliminate additional boxes.

2. Stability.  I like NetBSD because it gives me a stable environment
to work in - machines rarely need rebooting, mostly they just plug on
reliably.   How true is this of the Xen port?   Will I be able to get
on with my application-related development work, or should I expect to
have to spend time on a regular basis attending to more, rather than
fewer, system management tasks than I do now with multiple physical

I'm sure the answer to each should really start "it depends...", but
your experiences are all I've got to go on.

Steve Blinkhorn <steve%prd.co.uk@localhost>

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