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Re: agr(4) + bridge(4): problems!

On 9/27/12 2:23 PM, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 02:11:11PM +0100, Hugo Silva wrote:
Even in the case of vlan-on-agr, since most network hardware supports
vlan decapsulation directly it is probably the case that the agr input
routine is bypassed.  Unless my head's gone completely wrong this
morning and I'm thinking of a different kernel.

Ah, I had some hope for VLANs as the configuration with the new
switches will include them.

vlan on agr is working fine (with netbsd-6), I'm using it.

FWIW, I'm also successfully using bnx(4) -> agr(4) -> vlan(4) -> bridge(4) with Xen on 5.1.2 with success.

Using bnx(4) -> agr(4) on 5.1 however requires that we run tcpdump in the background on each member agr interface. (Never really go around to digging into that one too deeply.)



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