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Re: Call for testing: Xen 4.2.0-rc4

Roger Pau Monne wrote:
> Hello,
> Xen has recently tagged the next rc of the 4.2 version, which should
> include full NetBSD support without the need of additional patches. It
> would be very helpful if you test this release and notify any bugs
> found, to either port-xen%netbsd.org@localhost or 
> xen-devel%lists.xen.org@localhost. Here
> are the instructions for building Xen 4.2.0-rc4 from source on a NetBSD box.
> First, install all the necessary dependencies:
> devel/scmgit
> devel/gmake
> lang/python27
> devel/py-curses
> devel/dev86
> devel/glib2
> devel/yajl

I've forgot two dependencies here:


> Clone the repository:
> # git clone git://xenbits.xen.org/xen.git
> Enter the directory:
> # cd xen/
> Switch to the 4.2.0-rc4 tag:
> # git checkout 4.2.0-rc4

There's a new rc, you can fetch it using:

# git checkout 4.2.0-rc5

This is (probably) the final release.

[I'm skipping the rest of the text, since it's exactly the same]

I've also been notified by Andreas Gustafsson that the build of SeaBIOS
fails under NetBSD 5.1 (using gcc 4.1.3) with the following error:

  Building ld scripts
Version: rel-1.7.1-25-g455a7c8-20120914_095529-.uk.xensource.com
Fixed space: 0xe05b-0x10000  total: 8101  slack: 5  Percent slack: 0.1%
16bit size:           55072
32bit segmented size: 2118
32bit flat size:      19418
32bit flat init size: 61824
Lowmem size:          2176
  Linking out/rom16.o
  Stripping out/rom16.strip.o
  Linking out/rom32seg.o
  Stripping out/rom32seg.strip.o
  Linking out/rom.o
out/romlayout32flat.lds:2042: undefined symbol `code32flat_start'
referenced in expression
gmake: *** [out/rom.o] Error 1

So this version of Xen is only available for NetBSD 6.x right now.

Regards, Roger.

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