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Re: X server in dom0: Bad VBT signature

Cherry G. Mathew wrote:
On 31 August 2012 22:45, Pierre Pronchery<khorben%defora.org@localhost>  wrote:
On Wed, 29 Aug 2012 01:26:02 +0100, Cherry G. Mathew wrote:
Pierre Pronchery wrote:
- http://gnats.netbsd.org/cgi-bin/query-pr-single.pl?number=46634
- http://mail-index.netbsd.org/port-xen/2012/04/thread1.html -

riz@ and I have found the breakage, if you're in a hurry you can try
backing out this commit:

I just did, and X starts properly - thanks a lot!

Wondering if anyone can test the following patch:

I've tried the patch with following results:
- starting X with vesa driver results in a graphical garbage displayed on the screen, where the X should be visible, it is possible to switch between this screen and text wscons screens - starting X with intel driver results in "Fatal server error: Unknown GTT size value: 4e3eff2f" (the number seems to be always the same), last related lines from Xorg.0.log:

[   110.905] (II) intel(0): Printing probed modes for output LVDS
[ 110.905] (II) intel(0): Modeline "1366x768"x60.0 72.30 1366 1414 1446 1526 768 771 776 790 (47.4 kHz) [ 110.905] (II) intel(0): I2C device "HDMIDDC_C:ddc2" registered at address 0xA0.
[   110.908] (II) intel(0): EDID for output HDMI-2
[   110.908] (II) intel(0): Output VGA connected
[   110.908] (II) intel(0): Output LVDS connected
[   110.908] (II) intel(0): Output HDMI-2 disconnected
[   110.908] (II) intel(0): Using sloppy heuristic for initial modes
[   110.908] (II) intel(0): Output VGA using initial mode 1024x768
[   110.908] (II) intel(0): Output LVDS using initial mode 1366x768
[ 110.908] (II) intel(0): Using default gamma of (1.0, 1.0, 1.0) unless otherwise stated.
[   111.420] (WW) intel(0): remove MTRR a0000 - b0000
[   111.440]
Fatal server error:
[   111.440] Unknown GTT size value: 4e3eff2f

I've also hit another problem, I don't know, if it is related:
- dom0 with 512 MB RAM: switching between wscons text screen with 25 lines and text screen with 50 lines causes immediate panic (display is garbled; "blind" sync, ... savecore -n -Z ...: no core dump)
  - dom0 with 6 GB RAM: switching is ok

Kind regards,


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